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# Track Champion is dedicated to the promotion of accessibility for persons with a disability in the racing environment. # Track Champion is committed to creating, promoting and securing measures to remove barriers that would normally restrict a person with a disability from having an interactive roll within the racing community and other non-related venues.

Legal Representation
Warren Griffin, of Giesbrecht-Griffin and Funk, Kitchener, Ontario - Legal Consult
Insurance Representation
Jones Brown Inc. Insurance Brokers & Consultants (Jones Brown Motorsports) - Toronto

Becker Brothers Towing - Kitchener
Handicap Devices
Q-Straint, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Medical Team -
Medivent Inc. 519.760.1726
USA Representatives - Hunter Floyd
and Chrissy Pistone - North Carolina

# Track Champion ...
It's new, it's exciting!

# Track Champion…It's New, its exciting! Our specially equipped and highly modified race car was built for everyone, including those with special needs.

This unique vehicle allows those with special needs as well as those without, an opportunity to grasp a true sense and feeling of what it is like to be inside a real race car.

This Non-Competitive race car “Look-a-like” is a must see for the whole family.Click our Upcoming Events link for venues the # Track Champion Race Car will be appearing at…Hopefully near you!
If you would like more information on how you can join the growing list of Gift Givers Please contact Denny Snider at

"Remember to Support These, Who support Others"

Sauble Speedway - 1000th rider


Congratulations # Track Champion, on reaching this huge milestone. On August 1st 2009, at a regularly scheduled ride-a-long, the 1000th passenger enjoyed this monumental experience. Pictured is the # Track Champion car, organizers, supporters and passenger.


Click Here to View Our Writeup in Christian Horizons Exceptional Possibilities Magazine


# Track Champion is being promoted as:

A Gift from the world of Racing to those with Special Needs.

A Tool to assist in closing the gap between two worlds…those with special needs and those without.

A Bridge everyone may cross over to experience the world of racing from a Real Race Car Driver's perspective.

A Beacon to enlighten the fact that more needs to be done to bring down barriers that would exclude those with special needs.

Although the race car was designed and built for those with special needs, the fully accessible race car is for everyone. Our trained staff will insure that your personal wheelchair/transporter is secured on the passenger side and that your family/caregivers are buckled safely in the rear seats. The fully functional drivers door allows race fans the opportunity to visit a race car driver's world first hand. You will love every moment!

Rusty Wallace and the # Car!

# Track Champion is a new and exciting concept that has not been seen before. To continue, committee members and volunteers are required.
If you are interested in playing an active role in the continuation of this project, please contact Denny Snider at 519-369-6349 or Sylvia Mannonen at 519-376.7346 or mannonen@amtelecom.net.

We are seeking an Experienced Corporate Fundraising Individual to assist with this facet of # Track Champion. This is a commission paid position. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us and enclose your resume and related information.

The construction of the race car was made possible by a growing number of Gift Givers, as this website makes note of. A gift donation worth $100 or more, will insure your place on the list! We extend a heartfelt thanks to all who have supported this cause to date. For the many folks who have helped in the actual construction of the vehicle, we owe a special thanks. Although Race Car #1 is completed, we have recently purchased a second car for conversion. Things such as structuring a program committee, promotions and transporting are just a few of the logistics which will need to be addressed. If you would like to be a part of this very special project and program, please contact any of the above. Visit our Supporters link on the side menu and be sure to remember to support those who support others.


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